2nd Annual

Back to School Bash

Our back to school budget this year is $175 for middle and high school students and $125 for elementary students.  Each middle and high school student will be taken shopping in small groups. This will ensure they are given the exciting back-to-school shopping experience that many have never been able to have. The children get to pick out school appropriate attire that let them express themselves so they feel confident on their first day of school. 

The elementary student's style and sizes will be collected, shoes and outfits will be chosen for them to receive the day of the back-to-school bash.

Each child will receive at minimum two outfits, pair of shoes, socks, underwear,  school supplies, & a book bag.

Hair cuts will also be available free of charge.

Click below to read about the 1st annual back to school bash covered by Gordon Gazette

We are starting our prep for our 2nd Annual Back to School Bash! We have a goal of $15,000. You can click the link below to help raise money for back-to-school clothing and shoes for each displaced child in Gordon County.